What makes our muffins so revolutionary?  Our muffins are GRAIN-FREE, so instead of using rice or wheat flour, our "flour" is composed of 100% almond meal and/or coconut. And you'll find no refined sugar in these nutritious gems, instead we use dates, straight from mother earth.  We also add an Omega-3 boost of chia or hemp seeds. When you eat our muffins, you are eating real food, packed with vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats.  And we think that's pretty revolutionary!   



Our muffins rock! In fact, Muffin Revolution was dreamed up while rock climbing in Berkeley. As friends from cooking school, and fellow climbers, we wanted a nutritious meal that we could have after a climb or throw in a backpack, we wanted a meal in a muffin. We asked Berkeley Ironworks, our local climbing gym, to sell our muffins and from those humble beginnings, a revolution was born!  co-founders Marirose and Christy